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Meedya, S 2015, 'Increasing breastfeeding rates up to six months among primiparous women : a quasi-experimental study of the effectiveness of the Milky Way Program', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright S Meedya 2015


Aim: To evaluate effectiveness of The Milky Way Program in increasing rates of breastfeeding to six months.

Method: Four hundred and twenty nulliparous women were recruited in the study. Women were surveyed in the antenatal period about baseline data. Postnatal data were collected at one, four and six months postpartum. The intervention was three antenatal breastfeeding sessions and two postnatal follow up phone calls.

Results: Women in The Milky Way group had higher rates of breastfeeding at six months (54.3% vs. 31.4% p

Discussion: The Milky Way Program was effective in prolonging breastfeeding up to six months.