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Ng, So Kiu 2013, 'Examining the relationship of motivation, performance quality, experience of quality, satisfaction and loyalty among visitors to Hong Kong Global Geopark of China', DBA thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright SK Ng 2013


This thesis examines the relationship between motivation, performance quality, experience quality, satisfaction and loyalty. It aims to establish and quantify the critical link between post-visit evaluation and future behavioral intention towards Hong Kong Global Geopark of China. A conceptual framework was developed to model these relationships, which was validated with an empirical data set.

The findings will assist marketers in identifying the different types of visitors in HKGGC and also will help the tourism researchers in building a framework for identifying the antecedents of satisfaction and loyalty by conceptualizing visitors’ motivational behavior and quality perception on various attributes of HKGGC.