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Kozlowski, D 2015, 'The interplay between self-perceived gender and the perception of the gender of others: an examination of exogenous and endogenous factors contributing to judgements of sex and gender', PhD thesis, Southern Cross Univesity, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright D Kozlowski 2015


This work examined the contributions of gender-related characteristics of both the target and the observer to judgements of masculinity and femininity. Results provided support for a dynamic, interactive account of gender perception. Five key findings were reported including a demonstrated disconnect between perceived ‘maleness’ and masculinity, but not between ‘femaleness’ and femininity. This was consistent with the idea of manhood being a somewhat more precarious, socially-conferred state compared to womanhood. The tendency for males higher on self-perceived masculinity to demonstrate a higher ‘masculinity threshold’ when making judgements of a target was also reported.