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Addinsall, C 2017, 'Agroecology and sustainable rural livelihoods: interdisciplinary research and development in the South Pacific', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright C Addinsall 2017


The aim of this thesis is to understand, recognise and support relationships between sustainable rural Ni-Vanuatu livelihoods and engagement in traditional and cash economies. Rural development literature tends to advocate for shifts to formal economies, while devaluing and displacing traditional ‘hybrid’ livelihoods. Agroecology supports traditional hybrid livelihoods by fostering ecologically, culturally and socially integrated practices and facilitating resilience though diversity of activities. This thesis contributes to the literature by attempting to conceptually and methodically synthesise two frameworks based on agroecology and sustainable livelihoods. These frameworks seek to provide an effective tool to enhance sustainable traditional hybrid livelihood strategies.