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Sadat-Noori, S.M 2017, 'The influence of submarine groundwater discharge on carbon, nutrient and greenhouse gases dynamics in coastal waters', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright S.M Sadat-Noori 2017


This thesis documents the use of mass balance modelling combined with a multi-tracer approach, to quantify, interpret and manage coastal groundwater discharge. The dynamic characteristics of groundwater discharge requires intensive and multifaceted sampling strategies to constrain its effects on surface water quality. This thesis highlights that dissolved carbon, greenhouse gases and nutrient export from estuaries are strongly coupled to groundwater discharge therefore, should not be neglected in coastal carbon and nutrient budget studies. Results presented here indicate that even small volumetric groundwater discharge fluxes occurring on large scales play a major role in the hydrology and biogeochemistry of coastal ecosystems.