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Kazi, AM 2015, 'Determinants and socioeconomic impacts of migrant remittances: a study of rural Bangladeshi migrants in Italy', DBA thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright AM Kazi 2015


This study focuses on the factors affecting the flow and socioeconomic impacts of remittances sent by migrants. The econometric model is developed to observe the association between socioeconomic impact and the exploratory determinant variables. The descriptive survey data provides insights into the socio-demographic characteristics of the migrant household members and heads of household. The results of the multivariate analysis supported the relationships posited in the conceptual model. This study finds three dominant factors: altruism, investment and kinship. Thus, this implies that the impacts of diverse remittance determinants are crucial in designing the policy for specific categories of remain-behind village households.