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Dick, TJ 2017, 'Reconciling kastom, tourism, and art in the Pacific : the case of the Leweton Cultural Group and "water music", PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright TJ Dick 2017


Embodying dual legacies (ancestral and colonial), communities throughout the Pacific Islands are configuring and re-configuring themselves, their cultures and, consequently, the world around them in ways that are both continuing and new. Contemporary Vanuatu is an intercultural space contextualised by extremely high levels of linguistic and cultural diversity. This research project examines the multiple emplacements of a diasporic community which is navigating this intercultural space by mobilizing itself and its cultural assets in a variety of rapidly evolving formats that span a range of industries, sectors and cultural transition areas.

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Thesis includes the documentary film Vanuatu Women's Water Music [DVD and booklet]