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Milne, BR 2017, 'An exploratory study of the role of extra-organisational collaboration in the creation of new business value', DBA thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright BR Milne 2017


This thesis explores the role of the extra-organisational collaboration as a model for creating new business value. Building on the co‐creation and networking approaches discussed under Service Dominant (S-D) logic, the thesis explores a proposed model for managing the process of creating value. Consistent with S-D logic this model assumes that no one firm has the capability or resources to efficiently or effectively create the value on their own and as a consequence the ability to manage business collaboration and participate in co-creation have become necessary capabilities of the modern firm. The proposed model aims to assist firms to continue to build new business value that provides them with some sense of competitive advantage

The literature examines the parent disciplines (i) the concept of the firm; (ii) the concept of value creation; (iii) the concept of business collaboration; and (iv) the concept of co-creation. Following a detailed review of the relevant literature and building on the value creation experience gained in the author’s professional career, the thesis explores the relevance of a value creation model. The model proposed in this research thesis introduces the role of extra- organisational collaboration as a framework for establishing cross firm teams tasked with creating new business value as a critical starting point in understanding how firms engage with each other and the customer.

The research methodology employed uses a non-random selection of value creation exercises that have been presented as case studies in the thesis. The case study research design allows the specifics of the Extra-Organisational Collaboration model to be examined against real world examples and explores the phases of a collaborative exercise to ensure the establishment of the agreed starting point, appropriate collaborative governance and value sharing outcomes. The model examines the role of the customer, the customer firm and the supplier firm/s in the process of building new business value. In addition, the role of the “Hub” firm and the collaboration coordinator are discussed in-depth and their importance to the success of the value creation exercise defined.