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Westbrooke, VCF 2012, 'Odour attributes and volatile chemical composition of milk produced in subtropical eastern Australia', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright VCF Wesbrooke 2012


Sensory attributes, in particular grassy odour, are important determinants of milk product acceptability in Japan. The effect of commercial farming system (n=8) and season (n=3) on the volatile chemical composition and sensory attributes, specifically grassy, mothball, cowy, sweet, creamy, sour and heated, of milk was investigated.

Selected individual milk samples (n=5) could be distinguished by their volatile chemical composition, while the intensity of grassy odour was significantly higher in milk produced in spring compared to summer. Potential sensitive and specific chemical predictors (n=9) of grassy odour intensity were identified, using multivariate statistical methods.