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Spriggs, D 2017, 'Rebranding Australian rail organisations : an investigation into the drivers, the processes, and impacts on brand equity', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

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This thesis investigates the rebranding phenomenon of Australian Rail Organisations (AROs) through a multiple case study methodology of four AROs. The findings are extensive. In brief, whilst many elements of ARO rebranding processes aligned to recommendations in the emerging corporate branding and rebranding literature, overall the entire rebranding process of AROs does not closely align with best practice.

To inform corporate rebranding theory and to guide future ARO rebranding, an Expanded Corporate Rebranding Framework (ECRF) has been developed through this thesis research. The ECRF provides ‘rational real value’ with a tangible framework to guide ongoing investigation from both an academic and practitioner perspective.