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Tagliafico Guzman, AJ 2018, 'Improving coral aquaculture for reef conservation and the aquarium trade', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright AJ Tagliafico Guzman 2018


I tested hypotheses about feeding, alternate ways to fix coral fragments to the substrate, and ways to enhance resilience against temperature stressors. Key findings of the study were: (1) no significant differences between day/night feeding for the studied coral species (2) fragments without polyps can be used in aquaculture as in a short time period they develop new polyps; (3) fragments fixed upside-down attach faster and wider over the substrate; and (4) a lipid enriched-diet enhances resilience against temperature stressors. The work may contribute to successful coral reef restorations and help develop sustainable coral aquaculture for the aquarium trade.