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Chaudhri, AA 2018, 'Conceptualization of the consumer's perception of the interlocking of 'LOOP' and 'CAM' models into 'MESH' by exploring consumer interactivity in mobile marketing campaigns', DBA thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright AA Chaudhri 2018


This exploratory research, conducted in New Zealand, focuses on interactive marketing campaigns in the context of interlocking two conceptual models of interactivity, known as LOOP and CAM (Community Advertising Model), into MESH model. The intention of the MESH model was to develop a fulcrum for relationship interactions based on the interplay of marketer and consumer interactions through mobile devices. Accordingly, this research seeks to explore the broad conceptual model MESH so that the interactive mobile marketing campaigns that involve mobile devices, such as smart phones, iPhones or iPads, can be understood. A qualitative research methodology was employed by generating data from a sample of 16 participants through non-directive face-to-face interviews. Thematic analysis was used to generate themes supported by grounded theory as a sub set of thematic analysis to explore key themes in depth. The findings suggest that the broader scope of MESH provides a base to design more effective interactive marketing campaigns. The model may increase consumer participation in interactive campaigns and hopefully generate more profits for organisations that use mobile marketing to target potential customers. Future research should test the validity of the MESH model using quantitative research methods.