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Freeburn, NJ 2018, 'Living on Common Ground in two different worlds : investigating contemporary issues affecting Aboriginal people living in Casino NSW', DIP thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright NJ Freeburn 2018


This exegesis investigated issues that affect Aboriginal people living in the small rural town of Casino, NSW, which is situated on Bundjalung Country and this resulted in the development of three significant original pieces. The first was the creation of a ‘Mini Documentary’, ‘On Common Ground’, which was based on yarning with members of the Casino community at a grass roots level. Discussions in the documentary led to the development of five visually narrative maps based on themes that emerged from those discussions. A community landscape map tied the research together using metaphors as a foundation. The basis for these pieces had derived from the identified themes, colonisation, cultural identity, underlying issues, media and social issues.

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Mini documentary. On Common Ground MP4 Video