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Murphy, TN 2009, 'Systems for creating NSW greenhouse gas abatement certificates', MSc thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright Ecotech Group 2009


The aim of this thesis was to investigate the requirements of an appropriate management system for implementing and managing an accreditation under the NSW Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme.

The literature review captures the history of the development of carbon trading, and provides a summary of the development of the science and the subsequent global response to the changing climate. An overview of the national and international contexts provides insight into how the NSW scheme may link or interact with national or international markets. The sequestration component of the scheme, and its requirements for registration as a sequestration provider, are then described as a precursor to the identification of an appropriate design for an accreditation.

Finally, the Australian Macadamia industry was investigated as a potential candidate for accreditation under the scheme. This necessitated a study into the timber and growth characteristics of what is generally considered a non-timber tree, resulting in the first attempt to characterise the growth and sequestration of plantation grown Macadamia spp.

The Australian Forest Corporation was accredited as a carbon sequestration provider on the 19th of April 2005.