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Ngangbam, AK 2016, 'Putative role for bacterial symbionts in the biosynthetic origin of Tyrian purple in Dicathais orbita, a Muricidae mollusc', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

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Muricidae molluscs are well known for the production of the historically important dye Tyrian purple, however the biosynthetic origin and the role of microbial symbionts in Tyrian purple production are not known. The broad objective of this thesis was to establish the biosynthetic origin and identify genes involved in the biosynthesis of bromoindole derivatives using culture and culture independent modern genomic approaches. This revealed the muricid Dicathais orbita and symbiotic Vibrios both have the capacity to produce indole precursors but specialised bacteria are required to produce the brominated precursor. This thesis offers new opportunities for sustainable production of Tyrian purple and has greatly increased the molecular understanding of Tyrian purple producing molluscs.