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Lovi, RJ 2017, 'Are Australian universities adhering to national and international guidelines? Intimate partner violence related content within nursing, midwifery and paramedicine undergraduate curricula', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright RJ Lovi 2017


The primary aim of this multiple-phase, mixed-methods case study was to influence a drive for change in the Australian nursing, midwifery and paramedicine curricula so that undergraduate (UG) nursing, midwifery and paramedicine students are effectively educated on the multiple components of screening, identifying and caring for intimate-partner-violence (IPV) survivors. There remains minimal inclusion of IPV-related content within these Australian UG degrees. Numerous personal and professional barriers impede its inclusion while personal enablers facilitate it. A large percentage of academics are unaware of national and international guidelines advocating the inclusion of IPV-related content, thus a framework for its integration was developed and professional role identity challenged.