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Garcia Florez, LM 2019, 'Carbon dynamics in plants, debris and soil in different vegetation types and management systems', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW.

Copyright LM Garcia Florez 2019


This thesis evaluated the biological and ecological conditions associated with carbon sequestration in different vegetation types, as well as assessed some effects of land use change and silvicultural management. Average carbon sequestration in undisturbed and disturbed (selectively logged) rainforests corresponded to 1,487 and 1,261 tCO2e- ha-1 respectively, being the vegetation type with the largest sink potential. Land use conversion from pastures to hardwood plantations increased carbon storage, where E. dunnii and C. citriodora unthinned stands stored 588 and 630 tCO2e- ha-1 respectively, i.e. 18% more sequestered carbon than thinned stands, and 73-85% more than adjacent pastures (340 tCO2e- ha-1).