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Myers, E 2008, 'Midwife to Gaia, birthing global consciousness: a reflective topical autobiography', PhD thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore.

Copyright E Myers 2008

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This Reflective Topical Autobiography (RTA) aimed to reflect on and recount my own actual life stories and the life lessons learned, in order to identify patterns, trends and insights from my life and to offer these insights to others. My objectives were to promote personal empowerment as a tool for fulfilling individual potential, and to heal and be healed, by taking personal responsibility and making choices that enhance the individual and thus the collective consciousness. The research questions I posed to myself to assist in reflecting on and recounting my life stories were: What are the key stories of my life? What life lessons have I learned from my experiences? What are the patterns, trends and insights from my life? How can I offer these insights to other people? The RTA activities included writing personal stories, reflecting on my life patterns, trends and insights, and using photographs and a DVD production, to illustrate the main ideas and events. The research process allowed me to move from being reactive to reflective and to answer the research questions. Some of my life lessons learned from my experiences are that: one person can make a difference; lack of money is not lack of personal power; and nothing is impossible. My life patterns and trends include having a high-energy lifestyle, living without fear, learning to deal with disappointments, keeping life records, taking responsibility for action, and creating a morphic field. This RTA also offers insights to other people, with whom they resonate. It became apparent to me, in the process of documenting my personal journey in this RTA, that by suspending judgement and keeping an open mind and open heart, I am able to attune to what I call ‘Divine Intelligence’. It is a deep cellular knowing, that we are all connected. In 32 years of my own development, I have witnessed quantum leaps in the disciplines of science, spirit, ancient wisdom and health, which are acknowledged in the academies of the world. There is a new way of seeing and thinking, which is about a future based on these holistic principles of interconnectedness. It is the contention of this RTA that thoughts and intentions are the tools for personal and global change.