Papers from 2019


Modern English poetry and Turkish undergraduates: learning strategies matter, Sally-Ann Ashton-Hay

2019 Student Engagement in Higher Education Journal 2:3 15-25.


Study buddies still here for students - Southern Cross University, Sally Ashton-Hay, Nicholas Hoffman, and Bishal Khatri

2019 Peer Programs Network.


Study Buddies at Southern Cross University: Happy Birthday Study Buddies!, Sally Ashton-Hay, Maree Jeffery, Chris King, and Ronny Lindsay

2019 Peer Programs Network Newsletter 02.

Unveiling opportunities for hope: is it too much to ask for a compassionate university?, Bill Boyd and Airdre Grant

2019 Australian Universities Review 61:1 71-75.


Voices from the coalface: teaching in a highly diverse postgraduate tourism program, Kay Dimmock, Paul Weeks, and Sally Ashton-Hay

2019 Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education 24 70-79.


Defining the dynamic role of Australian academic skills advisors, Simon Evans, Ariana Henderson, and Sally Ashton-Hay

2019 Higher Education Research and Development 38:6 1127-1131.

Papers from 2018

Peer program news: study buddies at Southern Cross University, Sally Ashton-Hay

2018 Peers4Peers Victoria - Tasmania Newsletter 3.

Case studies: Promoting student engagement and managing study expectations: passport to success@SCU, Sally Ashton-Hay and Robyn Cetinich

2018 Transition in, through and out of higher education: international case studies and best practice.


“Ask a Question”: student use and misuse of online academic skills support, Sally Ashton-Hay, Zihan Yin, and Andrew S. Ross

2018 Journal of Academic Language and Learning 12:1 A81-A96.


Seven reasons people no longer want to be teachers, Nan Bahr

2018 The Conversation.

Child-centred approaches in tourism and hospitality research: methodological opportunities and ethical challenges, Antonia Canosa, Anne Graham, and Erica Wilson

2018 Handbook of research methods of tourism and hospitality management 519-529.


Reflexivity and ethical mindfulness in participatory research with children : what does it really look like?, Antonia Canosa, Anne Graham, and Erica Wilson

2018 Childhood.


A case for reimagining Australia : dialogic registers of the Other, truth-telling and a will to justice, Dean Chan, Misty Farquahar, Robert Garbutt, Thor Kerr, Baden Offord, Elfie Shiosaki, and Yirga G. Woldeyes

2018 Coolabah 24 & 25 199-212.

Papers from 2017


Review of: The Cambridge guide to research in language teaching and learning, Sally Ashton-Hay

2017 English Australia Journal 33:1 95-97.


'Ask a question': student use and misuse of online academic skills support, Sally Ashton-Hay, Zihan Yin, and Andrew Ross

2017 13th Biennial Conference of the Association of Academic Language and Learning.


All identity: minimum professional requirements, training and pedagogy for academic skill advisors, Simon Evans, Ariana Henderson, and Sally Ashton-Hay

2017 13th Biennial Conference of the Association of Academic Language and Learning.


Family law: working with children: a good practice guide, Anne Graham, Judy Cashmore, Julia Truscott, Felicity Bell, Donnah Anderson, Kylie Beckhouse, and Mary Alex

2017 .

What lies beneath: looking into the deep work of clinical practice, Airdre Grant

2017 Avena: Journal of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists.

What lies beneath: looking into the deep work of clinical practice, Airdre Grant

2017 Journal of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society 23:2 82-85.

Just another student survey? Point-of-contact survey feedback enhances the student experience and lets researchers gather data, Warren Lake, William (Bill) Boyd, Wendy Boyd, and Suzi Hellmundt

2017 Australian Journal of Adult Learning 57:1 82-104.

Effective classroom teachers and the challenge of envisioning possibilities for online teaching, Cathryn McCormack, Angela Carbone, and Kim Anh Dang

2017 40th HERDSA Annual International Conference 221-228.

Effective classroom teachers and the challenge of envisioning possibilities for online teaching, Cathryn L. McCormack, Angela Carbone, and Kim A. Dang

2017 Research and Development in Higher Education: Curriculum Transformation 40 221-228.


What is the best way to develop information literacy and academic skills of first year health science students? A systematic review, Joanne Munn and Jann Small

2017 Evidence Based Library and Information Practice 12:3 56-94.


Communicative interactions in foreign language education: Contact anxiety, appraisal and distance, Damian Rivers and Andrew Ross

2017 Learning, Culture and Social Interaction.


Digital cultures of political participation: internet memes and the discursive delegitimization of the 2016 U.S presidential candidates, Andrew S. Ross and Damien J. Rivers

2017 Discourse, Context and Media 16 1-11.


Gender on the agenda? The position of gender in tourism's high ranking journals, Jennie Small, Candice Harris, and Erica Wilson

2017 Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 31 114-117.

Student feedback: story-telling and achievement in postgraduate student teaching, P Weeks, K Dimmock, and Sally Ashton-Hay

2017 EURO-TEFI 2017: building our stories: co-creating tourism futures in research and practice.

Papers from 2016

Global thinking a good investment as games loom, Sally Ashton-Hay

2016 Gold Coast Bulletin.


International student transitioning experiences: student voice, Sally Ashton-Hay, Peter Wignell, and Kelly Evans

2016 Journal of Academic Language & Learning 10:1 A1-A19.


Learner perceptions and experiences of pride second language education, Andrew Ross and Elke Stracke

2016 Australian Review of Applied Linguistics 39:3 272-291.


The effect of academic skills support for numeracy on student performance in a first year university health sciences unit, John W. Whitting, Phillip Budgeon, and Zachary J. Crowley-McHatten

2016 International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology.

Papers from 2015


Does Australia teach to the middle?, Sally Ashton-Hay

2015 TEIS News.


Preparing Chinese international business students for the transition to undergraduate study in Australia, Geoff Lamberton and Sally Ashton-Hay

2015 Journal of Research in International Education 14:2 155-171.


Producing an academic poster, Cathryn L. McCormack

2015 Scholarship of Teaching Symposium 2015.

Immersing university staff in professional learning, Meg O'Reilly, Allan Ellis, and Lisa Jacka

2015 Virtual worlds for online learning: cases and applications 99-110.

From motivation to emotion: a new chapter in applied linguistics research, Andrew S. Ross

2015 University of Sydney Papers in TESOL 10 1-27.

Papers from 2014


Learning conversations to support peer review in online and blended learning environments, Trish Andrews, Gail Wilson, and Neroli Sheldon

2014 13th European Conference on e-Learning ECEL 2014 29-35.


Book review: Academic writing for graduate students: essential tasks and skills, Sally Ashton-Hay

2014 SLW News.


Fleshy academic literacy, Robert Garbutt and Meredith Kayess

2014 Fusion Journal 5.


Communication in WIL partnerships: the critical link, Ann Jeffries and Lisa Milne

2014 Journal of Education and Work 27:5 564-583.

Evaluating student experiences of medical education in the joint medical programme: a case study of a unique dual university programme, Robyn Smith, Ian Symonds, and Cathryn L. McCormack

2014 Enhancing teaching and learning : student feedback in medical and health sciences.


Editorial, Steven Verjans and Gail Wilson

2014 ALT-C 2014 Conference Proceedings - Riding Giants: How to innovate and educate ahead of the wave.


Editorial: Riding the giants: how to innovate and educate ahead of the wave, Steven Verjans and Gail Wilson

2014 Research in Learning Technology 22.

Papers from 2013


Association for academic language and learning, Sally Ashton-Hay

2013 QATESOL:November 5-6.


Putting a science course online: a detailed research document with things to consider when putting a science course online, Jenelle Benson

2013 .


Response to Petersen on ‘staying or going?’ Australian early career researchers’ narratives, William E. Boyd and Louise Horstmanshof

2013 Australian Universities' Review 55:1 74-79.


The impact of internet gambling on gambling problems: a comparison of moderate-risk and problem internet and non-internet gamblers, Sally M. Gainsbury, Alex Russell, Nerilee Hing, Robert Wood, and Alex Blaszczynski

2013 Psychology of Addictive Behaviours 27:4 1092-1101.


Editorial, David Hawkridge, Steven Verjans, and Gail Wilson

2013 ALT-C 2013 Conference Proceedings - Building new cultures of learning.


Grant application handbook for office for learning and teaching grants: tips and tricks for grant application preparation, Rosalind James and Cathryn L. McCormack


Preparing Chinese international students for the transition to undergraduate study in Australia, Geoff Lamberton and Sally Ashton-Hay

2013 4th Annual Asian Conference on the Social Sciences.


What do we know of academics’ learning of teaching?, Cathryn L. McCormack

2013 Research and Development in Higher Education: The Place of Learning and Teaching 36 317-325.


Idealized English teachers: the implicit influence of race in Japan, Damian J. Rivers and Andrew Ross

2013 Journal of Language, Identity & Education 12:5 321-339.


Investigating student use and value of e-learning resources to develop academic writing within the discipline of environmental science, Kathryn H. Taffs and Julienne I. Holt

2013 Journal of Geography in Higher Education 37:4 500-514.


Beyond blended learning: a case study of institutional change at an Australian regional university, Janet A. Taylor and Diane Newton

2013 The Internet and Higher Education 18 54-60.


The need for continuous adult education: a sage approach, Steve Turner

2013 International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) and Trainair Plus Regional Symposia.

Papers from 2012


For such a time as this..., Sally Ashton-Hay

2012 AALL Newsletter 5:1.


Uncovering EAP: how to teach academic writing and reading, Sally Ashton-Hay

2012 Asian EFL Journal 14:3.


Financial reporting: towards socially inclusive support for international students, Sally Ashton-Hay and Roslyn Roberts

2012 Journal of Academic Language and Learning 6:2 A14-A28.


Creating the conditions for self-fulfilment for aged care residents, Sonya Brownie and Louise Horstmanshof

2012 Nursing Ethics 19:6 777-786.

Incorporating spirituality into the work of the holistic practitioner, Airdre Grant

2012 Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society 18:2 101-103.

From herb garden to wiki: responding to change in naturopathic education through scholarly reflection, Airdre F. Grant and Meg O'Reilly

2012 Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 12:4 76-85.


Proceedings papers of the ALT-C 2012: a confrontation with reality, David Hawkridge, Steven Verjans, and Gail Wilson



A blind spot in higher education research? a call for the explicit use of qualitative survey validation methods, Cathryn L. McCormack

2012 Research and development in higher education: connections in higher education: refereed papers from the 35th HERDSA Annual International Conference.


Conceptualising creativity in the creative arts: seeking common ground, Chris Morgan

2012 Text: journal of writing and writing courses:special edn. 13 1-17.

Benchmarking as a catalyst for institutional change in student assessment, Chris Morgan and Janet A. Taylor

2012 Marking time : leading and managing the development of assessment in higher education.

Understanding Australian first year university students’ experiences of teaching and learning technologies, Diane Newton and Allan Ellis

2012 International Journal on E-Learning 11:3 267-279.


Quality assurance and quality enhancement of the nursing curriculum – happy marriage or recipe for divorce?, Thea F. van de Mortel, Jennifer L. Bird, Julienne I. Holt, and Maree A. Walo

2012 Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 2:3 110-118.


Manual testing for ankle instability, Emily Jane Wilkin, Adrienne Hunt, Elizabeth Jean Nightingale, Joanne Munn, Sharon Lynne Kilbreath, and Kathryn Margaret Refshauge

2012 Manual Therapy 17:6 593-596.


The implementation and evaluation of a new learning space: a pilot study, Gail Wilson and Marcus Randall

2012 Research in Learning Technology 20.

Papers from 2011


Dear Madman, I need helps!, Sally Ashton-Hay

2011 AALL Newsletter 4:1.

Here's a story: using student podcasts to raise awareness of language learning strategies, Sally Ashton-Hay and Darren Brookes

2011 EA Journal 26:2 15-27.


Case study of collaborative learning in two contexts: what do students gain?, Sally Ashton-Hay and Hitendra K. Pillay

2011 Encyclopedia of teaching and teacher research 783-804.

Emerging technology trial 2011: digitizing paper-based instruction with smartpens and pencasting: final report, Jenelle Benson

2011 .


Intertextual voices and engagement in TV advertisments, Dezheng Feng and Peter Wignell

2011 Visual Communication 10:4 565-588.


Jumping the hurdles for smoking cessation in pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in Australia, Gillian S. Gould, Andy McEwen, and Joanne Munn

2011 Journal of Smoking Cessation 6:1 33-36.

Spirituality and natural medicine education: an investigation into the philosophy and pedagogy of education in natural medicine, Airdre Grant


Picture books for young children of different ages: the changing relationships between images and words, Peter Wignell

2011 Multimodal studies: exploring issues and domains 202-219.

Higher education research and development anthology, Gail Wilson

2011 HERDSA News 33:2.


Podcasting for learning in universities, Gail Wilson

2011 International Journal for Academic Development 16:1 90-91.

Promoting Web-enhanced learning in university teaching: current practice in Web-enhanced faculty development, Gail Wilson

2011 Faculty training for Web-enhanced learning 61-78.

Papers from 2010

Case study of collaborative learning in two contexts: what do English language learners gain?, Sally Ashton-Hay and Hitendra K. Pillay

2010 Collaborative learning: methodology, types of interactions and techniques.


Preparing academics to teach in higher education: final report, Margaret Hicks, Heather Smigiel, Gail Wilson, and Ann Luzeckyj

2010 Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

Blended learning in a creative writing program: lessons learned from a two-year pilot study, Chris Morgan and Janie Conway-Herron

2010 Cases on online and blended learning technologies in higher education: concepts and practices.


Evidence of sensorimotor deficits in functional ankle instability: a systematic review with meta-analysis, Joanne Munn, S John Sullivan, and Anthony G. Schneiders

2010 Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 13:1 2-12.

Designing for user engagement: the ALTC Exchange for higher education, Meg O'Reilly, Geraldine Lefoe, Robyn Philip, and Dominique Parrish

2010 International Journal on E-Learning 9:2 251-277.


Generalized joint hypermobility and risk of lower limb joint injury during sport: a systematic review with meta-analysis, Verity Pacey, Leslie L. Nicholson, Roger D. Adams, Joanne Munn, and Craig F. Munns

2010 The American Journal of Sports Medicine 38:7 1487-1497.

Laser therapy in the treatment of achilles tendinopathy: a randomised controlled trial, Steve Tumilty, Joanne Munn, J Haxby Abbott, Suzanne McDonough, Deidre A. Hurley, Jeffrey R. Basford, and G David Baxter

2010 AIP Conference Proceedings 1226 163-169.


Low level laser treatment of tendinopathy: a systematic review with meta-analysis, Steve Tumilty, Joanne Munn, Suzanne McDonough, Deirdre A. Hurley, Jeffrey R. Basford, and G David Baxter

2010 Photomedicine and Laser Surgery 28:1 3-16.


Media supported problem-based learning and role-play in clinical nurse education, Leeann Whitehair and Meg O'Reilly

2010 Curriculum, technology and transformation for an unknown future: proceedings of ascilite 2010 1056-1067.


Implementing and evaluating a 'next generation learning space': a pilot study, Gail Wilson and Marcus Randall

2010 Curriculum, technology and transformation for an unknown future: proceedings of ascilite 2010 1096-1100.

Papers from 2009


Completing the jigsaw: ESL and EFL undergraduate views on interactive peer-based learning, Sally Ashton-Hay

2009 TESOL in Context: Pedagogies of Connection Special Edition Special edition, S2.


EAP essentials: a teachers guide to principles and practice, Sally Ashton-Hay

2009 TESOL in Context 19:2 67-69.


Presentations in English: find your voice as a presenter, Sally Ashton-Hay

2009 English Australia (EA) Journal 25:2 73-75.

Part 3 Context and literature review, Jennifer L. Bird

2009 Development of academics and higher education futures vol. 1.


Learning approaches, personality and concepts of knowledge of first-year students: mature-age versus school leaver, Lorelle J. Burton, Janet A. Taylor, David G. Dowling, and Jill Lawrence

2009 Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development 6:1 65-81.


First year university students' access, usage and expectations of technology: An Australian pilot study, Allan Ellis and Diane Newton

2009 Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education 2009 2539-2546.

Students' opinions and attitudes to ethics in the accounting profession, Josie Fisher and Cathryn McCormack

2009 Australian National Institute of Accountants.


The effectiveness of manual therapy in the management of musculoskeletal disorders of the shoulder: a systematic review, Chung-Yee Cecillia Ho, Gisela Sole, and Joanne Munn

2009 Manual Therapy 14:5 463-474.


The effect of age on lumbar range of motion: a systematic review, Pattariya Intolo, Stephan Milosavljevic, David G. Baxter, Allan B. Carman, Poonam Pal, and Joanne Munn

2009 Manual Therapy 14:6 596-604.

Community engagement in contemporary legal education: pro bono, clinical education and service-learning, Patrick Keyzer, Amy Kenworthy, and Gail Wilson