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Taylor, JA & Mander, D 2002, 'Managing diversity in first year service mathematics course: integration of effective numeracy teaching principles and management theory', paper presented to Changing Agendas "Te Ao Hurihuri": Sixth Pacific Rim - First Year in Higher Education Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, 8-10 July.


First year service courses in mathematics are faced with numerous challenges as a result of the increasing diversity of student populations and the hierarchical nature of knowledge within mathematics. These challenges are even more extreme when such courses are offered in multi-mode format (on campus and by distance education). This paper describes the evolution of a foundation mathematics course, which currently integrates self-paced skill based materials, authentic problem solving activities and generic study skills into a unified curriculum which is underpinned by a 12 step scale for effective numeracy teaching (Marr and Helme 1991) and traditional management theory. The course is characterized by its ability to manage groups of students with uneven preparation.