A web 2.0/web3D hybrid platform for engaging students in e-learning environments

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de Byl, P & Taylor, JA 2007, 'A web 2.0/web3D hybrid platform for engaging students in e-learning environments', Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 108-127.

Published version available from: http://tojde.anadolu.edu.tr/tojde27/

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This paper explores the Web 2.0 ethos with respect to the application of pedagogy within 3D online virtual environments. 3D worlds can create a synthetic experience capturing the essence of being in a particular world or context. The AliveX3D platform adopts the Web 2.0 ethos and applies it to online 3D virtual environment forming a Web 2.0/Web3D hybrid that has wider usability than previous alternatives. This combined with the AliveX3D Scene Editor allows learning experiences, which are controlled by the learner, appear authentic and facilitate collaboration conversations to be developed simultaneously. This immersion enables learners to negotiate meaning based on their own personal cognitive, affective and kinaesthetic experiences rather than on the descriptions of others’ experiences. We conclude by suggesting the choices embedded within the worlds allow the learning focus to shift away from isolated pre-designed interactions, to a situation that encourages the learner to control, manage and direct their own learning.

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