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Hicks, M, Smigiel, H, Wilson, G & Luzeckyj, A 2010, Preparing academics to teach in higher education: final report, Australian Learning and Teaching Council, Sydney, NSW.

Support for the original work was provided by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council Ltd, an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Other reports arising from the project are available from the Preparing Academics to Teach in Higher Education (PATHE) website at


The Preparing Academics to Teach in Higher Education (PATHE) project was a three-year project funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC). The project‟s main aim was to produce a framework for foundations of university teaching programs. Specific objectives of the project included the promotion of sector-wide sharing of understandings of foundations programs, the generation of evidence-based information, the development of resources and models of successful practice, the identification of areas for further development, and a contribution to the scholarship of higher education teaching and learning. The project was well supported by the Australian higher education sector, primarily through the Foundations of University Teaching Colloquia, a network of foundations teachers who meet on an annual basis. The chosen methodology was a distributed model that involved 26 staff across 19 universities. Each of the four stages to the project has produced its own set of outcomes. These outcomes are summarised in this report and reported more substantially in the appendices.