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Whitehair, L & O'Reilly, M 2010, 'Media supported problem-based learning and role-play in clinical nurse education', in CH Steel, MJ Keppell, P Gerbic & S Housego (eds), Curriculum, technology and transformation for an unknown future: proceedings of ascilite 2010, Sydney, NSW, 5-8 December, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Qld., pp. 1056-1067.

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The introduction of a problem-based learning role-play into an undergraduate nursing degree has motivated and inspired students to take an active approach to learning. Practising the role of a registered nurse and working in a simulated patient environment were seen as valid preparation for future practice. Collaborating with peers and tutors provided students with confidence to solve authentic patient problems and motivated them to accept responsibility for preparation and active participation during lab sessions. Inclusion of digital recordings of expert demonstrations of clinical skills significantly enhanced students’ skills development. Students’ future colleagues working in health care, noted their preparedness, high level of confidence and ability to transfer theory and skills to the real world of nursing.