Time for persistence

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Horstmanshof, L & Zimitat, C 2004, 'Time for persistence', Dealing with diversity: Inauguarla Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference, Monash University, Melbourne, Vic., 14-16 Jul, Monash University, Melbourne, Vic.

Published version available from: http://www.fyhe.com.au/past_papers/papers04.htm

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The search for answers to the first year departure puzzle continues unabated. Despite decades of research and countless interventions the issue remains and grows increasingly complex as the contemporary first year student population becomes increasingly diverse. We propose that individuals who see education as a priority and find their studies personally relevant to their goals, are likely to negotiate substantially more time and energy for their studies, and are also more likely to engage in behaviours that promote academic success. This paper explores the relationship between student satisfaction, the role of orientation to time and approaches to learning in a first year student population that has persisted and re-enrolled in their second year of university study. The findings show associations between a future orientation and a meaningful approach to study; higher levels of satisfaction and a meaningful approach to study; and hedonism and age. Young men appear to have low perceptions of the relevance of higher education; a situation that needs further research.