Incorporating spirituality into the work of the holistic practitioner

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Grant, AF 2012, 'Incorporating spirituality into the work of the holistic practitioner', Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society, vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 101-103.

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This paper looks at spirituality and health and the challenge to incorporate spirituality into the holistic model of practice. The holistic approach to health and healing is represented by an integrated balance of mind, body and spirit. Many natural medicine practitioners are trained in treating the physical manifestations of illness; this paper questions to what extent are they familiar with treating the spiritual aspect of being? It looks at definitions of spirituality and religion (S/R), the research on the intersection of S/R and health and the challenges for practitioners to integrate it into practice. Recommendations are made for education to include training about S/R as part of practice protocols, to enable practitioners to incorporate it in practice authentically and with confidence.

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