The Carrick Exchange: not just another repository

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Conference publication

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Lefoe, G, O'Reilly, M, Parrish, D, Bennett, S, Keppell, MJ & Gunn, C 2007, 'The Carrick Exchange: not just another repository', in C Montgomerie & J Seale (eds), Proceedings of the World Conference on Educational Media, Hypermedia and Telecommunications, Vancouver, Canada, 25-29 June, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, Chesapeake, VA, pp. 108-113.


In 2004, the Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education was established by the Australian government to “promote and advance learning and teaching in Australian higher education.” (Carrick Institute, 2006). One aspect of the role of this institution is to establish the Carrick Exchange, “a new online service that will provide learning and teaching resources and functions to support communication and collaboration across the national and international higher education sector” (Carrick Institute, 2007a). This paper provides an overview of the purpose of the Carrick Exchange and will focus on the research contribution of ascilite, a professional association in Australia, in the first and second stages of the project development.