A thematic review of Club Management Magazine Australia: 1993-2003

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Coomber, L, Lee, SH, Lee, YL & Cairncross, G 2006, 'A thematic review of Club Management Magazine Australia: 1993-2003', International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration, vol. 7, no. 2/3, pp. 109-134.

The publisher's version of this article is available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1300/J149v07n02_06

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This analysis of articles from 1993 to 2003 in Australia's premier club management trade magazine, Club Management in Australia (CMA), the publication of the Club Managers' Association Australia (CMAA), highlights a number of recurring key themes. These are: taxation legislation; employment relations and human resources; gambling, alcohol, smoking, and related social issues; club expansion, innovation and growth; and contribution to the community. This article analyses these themes and discusses the key forces driving change in these areas, while also identifying the viewpoints of club managers. It is concluded that empirical academic research into these themes and the issues pertaining to them is needed. This is especially true of gambling, smoking, and social issues, the' effectiveness of new gambling and club-related legislation; and the contribution of clubs to the community. Further research will be required to test the validity of several of the arguments put forward by the CMAA in the articles reviewed.

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