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Post-print of: Breen, H, Hing, N & Weeks, P 2002, 'Machine gaming in Sydney clubs: characteristics of the supporting resident populations', Journal of Gambling Studies, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 293-31.

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This research provided background for surveys and interviews in later stages of a 3 part project. It aimed to identify, from secondary research, socio-demographic characteristics which tend to support registered clubs and their machine gaming activities in the Sydney Statistical Division. Using multiple methods including: Pearson’s Product Moment correlation, Principle Components factor analysis and stepwise regression, the study profiled Sydney populations which spend highly on gaming machines. The most important sociodemographic predictors of Sydney statistical local areas where per capita gaming machine expenditure is high are large proportions of the adult resident population who: were born in Malta, Greece, Lebanon, China, Italy, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, India or the Philippines; have no vocational or tertiary qualifications; are unemployed.

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