Building resilience: bundling tourism experiences around anchor activities

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Conference publication

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Farr-Wharton, B, Brown, K, Dick, T & Peterson, D 2012, 'Building resilience: bundling tourism experiences around anchor activities', in C Lade & L Melsen (eds), CAUTHE 2012: National Conference the new Golden Age of tourism and hospitality: Book 1: Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Conference, Melbourne, Vic., 6-9 February, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Vic., pp. 191-203. ISBN: 9780987050717

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Resilience theory (Lemerle & Stewart, 2007) is used as a framework to determine whether tourism destinations may be better able to withstand severe economic shocks and social dislocation in the industry if they establish and develop entwined sectoral activities. This paper explores the role of bundling activities in building resilient tourism destinations. The paper takes a case study approach, and explores a single embedded case of a regional tourism destination that has utilized 'bundling' experiential tourism activities to adapt to changing economic, cultural, and environmental climates. This study advances research around viability and sustainability of tourism destinations by exploring the function of bundling as a resiliency-building framework applied to tourism destinations.