Augmenting foodservice experiences through cultural eatertainment at tourist destinations

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Mkono, M 2013, 'Augmenting foodservice experiences through cultural eatertainment at tourist destinations', Journal of Foodservice Business Research, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 40-51.

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As rivalry in the foodservice industry becomes more cut-throat, restaurateurs have to constantly seek new sources of competitive advantage. Cultural “eatertainment” offers them an opportunity for creating a sense of local culture that can differentiate their products from those of competitors. In this article the author discusses how foodservice experiences at tourist destinations can be augmented with aspects of indigenous culture. The discussion engages authenticity, commodification, and cultural authorization discourses to position foodservice and cultural eatertainment within the broader context of tourism experience. To illustrate how cultural augmentations can be implemented, the author refers to the case of hotel restaurants in the town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. These restaurants strive to provide a Zimbabwean/African experience for tourists from around the world. Finally, recognizing that cultural eatertainment is an under-researched area, the author makes suggestions for future research directions.

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