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Post-print of: Hing, N, Vitartas, P & Lamont, M 2013, 'Gambling sponsorship of sport: an exploratory study of links with gambling attitudes and intentions', International Gambling Studies, vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 281-301.

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Gambling sponsorship of sport is increasingly prolific, but also contentious. Underpinned by the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA), this study explores relationships between gambling sponsorship, and attitudes and intentions relating to gambling, in the context of a major Australian football competition heavily sponsored by gambling companies. Data were gathered via two online surveys (N = 212). Analysis confirmed that attitudes and social norms predicted gambling intention. Further, attitudes to gambling and gambling intention were positively associated with response to gambling sponsorship. Viewing televised football matches, perceptions about sponsor–event fit and attitude to gambling sponsorship were associated with respondents' interest in, favourable attitude towards and propensity to use the sponsors' products. Findings suggest that exposure to gambling promotions during televised sport may encourage gambling intentions, and that gamblers scoring higher on the PGSI are more likely to be exposed to these promotions, view them favourably, be interested in the sponsor's products and be willing to use them. As such, these promotions may trigger gambling amongst problem and recovering problem gamblers. While further research is needed to empirically support any case for regulatory change, this exploratory study provides a foundation upon which future research into gambling promotion during sport can build.

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