Selfish leisure? competing priorities and constraints in triathlon event travel careers

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The term event travel career refers to a potentially lifelong desire to travel to events pertinent to an individual’s preferred leisure activity that is characterised by progression, evolving preferences, and modified behaviour. This paper applies the concept of an event travel career to non-elite triathletes. It is argued that for these serious sport tourists, ongoing pursuit of an event travel career is constrained by competing priorities that intervene between their day-to-day life and their event life. Indepth interviews were conducted with 10 non-elite triathletes engaged in a triathlon event travel career. Interpretive analysis of the interview data revealed seven domains of competing priorities that constrained the nexus between day-to-day life and pursuit of an event travel career. These domains included relationships, sociability, domestic, financial, leisure, wellbeing and work/education. The theoretical implications of this research are discussed, along with avenues for future enquiry.

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