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Furneaux, CW, Brown, KA, Tywoniak, S & Gudmundsson, A 2009, 'Performance of public private partnerships an evolutionary perspective', Proceedings of the 4th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM): engineering asset lifecycle management: a 2020 vision for a sustainable future, Athens, Greece, 28-30 September, WCEAM.


PPPs are held to be a powerful way of mobilising private finance and resources to deliver public infrastructure. Theoretically, research into procurement has begun to acknowledge difficulties with the classification andassessment of different types of procurement, particularly those which do not sufficiently acknowledge variety within specific types of procurement methods. This paper advances a theoretical framework based on an evolutionary economic conceptualisation of a routine, which can accommodate the variety evident in procurement projects, in particular PPPs. The paper tests how the various elements of a PPP, as advanced in the theoretical framework, affect performance across 10 case studies. It concludes, that a limited number of elements of a PPP affect their performance, and provides strong evidence for the theoretical model advanced in this paper

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