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Brown, KA, Ling, S, Bradley, LM, Lingard, H, Townsend, KJ 2009, 'What about me? avoiding fatigue and gaining personal time in the work to leisure transition in work-life balance initiatives', in N Beaumont (ed.), 23rd Annual Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (ANZAM 2009), 1-4 December 2009, Brisbane, Qld., ANZAM.


Fatigue and overwork are problems experienced by numerous employees in many industry sectors. Focusing on improving work-life balance can frame the ‘problem’ of long work hours to resolve working time duration issues. Flexible work options through re-organising working time arrangements is key to developing an organisational response for delivering work-life balance and usually involves changing the internal structure of work time. This study examines the effect of compressed long weekly working hours and the consequent ‘long break’ on work-life balance. Using Spillover theory and Border theory, this research considers organisational and personal determinants of overwork and fatigue. It concludes compressed long work hours with a long break provide better work-life balance. Further, a long break allows gaining ‘personal time’ and overcoming fatigue.

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