Career progression in the public sector: gender differences in career success

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Bradley, L, Brown, KA & Dower, J 2009, 'Career progression in the public sector: gender differences in career success', International Journal of Employment Studies, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 102-134.

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Many factors have been identified as predictors of career success, but there is inconclusive evidence in relation to gender differences on these factors. This paper presents evidence that women have the same career aspirations as men but are at lower hierarchical levels. The current research further investigates gender differences as predictors of career success and examines satisfaction with career success. Nearly 650 employees were surveyed in a public sector agency and results indicated that only a few of the previously identified factors (career-expectations, development, encouragement; culture fit; mentoring; relationships; demographics) were significant predictors of career success in this public sector sample. There were gender differences, however. Interestingly, the previously identified factors had stronger predictive relationships to satisfaction with career success than with the level of success.

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