The philosophic practitioner and the curriculum space

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Dredge, D, Benckendorff, P, Day, M, Gross, MJ, Walo, M, Weeks, P & Whitelaw, P 2012, 'The philosophic practitioner and the curriculum space', Annals of Tourism Research, vol. 39, no. 4, pp. 2154-2176.

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This paper reviews contemporary debates about tourism and hospitality education to conceptualise a curriculum space framework that can be used to facilitate understanding and decisionmaking. The paper is conceptual and makes two key contributions: it draws together diverse discourses about the balance between higher order knowledge in liberal education and skills-based vocational education required by industry; and it builds upon the Philosophic Practitioner Education to conceptualise a curriculum space that is socially constructed, dynamic and flexible. The proposed framework incorporates the idea of phronesis and the need for students to develop practical wisdom but acknowledges that these opportunities are bounded by a forcefield of influences on higher education.

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