Transporte Ferroviário de Passageiros Turísticos: o estado da arte

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Lohmann, G & Oliveira, MVO 2008, 'Transporte ferroviário de passageiros turísticos: o estado da arte', Revista Turismo em Análise, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 137-154.

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This paper deals with the state of the art of the transport and tourism literature about rail passenger transport. It analyses the content of 32 journal articles published in English. These articles have been grouped in six broad themes that highlight the most relevant topics considered by their authors. Apart from gathering and analysing this body of literature, this article presents a geographical scheme that illustrates three of the above-mentioned themes: the new rail technology; the competition and integration with air transportation; and the direct relationship between transport and tourism.

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Title: Passenger rail tourism transport: the state of the art

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