Gambling problems among gaming venue employees: a preliminary survey

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Hing, N & Breen, H 2008, 'Gambling problems among gaming venue employees: a preliminary survey', Journal of Occupational Health Safety, Australia and New Zealand, vol. 24, no. 4, pp. 329-341.

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ln recent years, gaming venues have devoted considerable resources to lowering their patrons' risk of developing gambling problems. However, far less attention has been given to lowering this risk for gaming venue employees, even though numerous workplace factors can enhance the attractiveness of gambling. This article reports on a small survey of 56 gaming venue staff, which was conducted as part of a larger project investigating workplace influences on the gambling behaviour of gaming venue employees. The results indicate that gambling is a popular activity, and this group of employees is distinctive for its high expenditure on, and regular participation in, certain forms of gambling. The rates of problem and moderate-risk gambling were extremely high. The opportunity therefore exists for gaming venues to better protect their employees by limiting staff gambling in the workplace, raising awareness of the risks of gambling, assisting any staff with gambling problems, and better promoting employee wellbeing.

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