Developing a taxonomy of 'award-winning' restaurants: what are they actually?

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Edelheim, JR, Lee, YL, Caldicott, J & Lee, SH 2011, 'Developing a taxonomy of 'award-winning' restaurants: what are they actually?', Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality & Tourism, vol. 12, no. 2. pp. 140-156.

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This article aims to clarify the term 'award-winning restaurants,' by conducting a literature review focussed on answering six broad questions. The questions posed relate to what awards are; who are judged; who decides on awards; what are being judged; why do awards exist; and what awards are available? The paper is compiled with a set of definitions and categories to illuminate, in comparable terms, what is required of a restaurant to become award-winning. This paper has no empirical component; it creates a foundation for studies which can be used to ensure that quality assurance, rather than marketing objectives, is at the forefront when restaurant awards are in question.

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