A model of Indigenous commercial gambler profiles in North Queensland, Australia

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Breen, H 2012, 'A model of Indigenous commercial gambler profiles in north Queensland, Australia', International Gambling Studies, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 23-37.

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This paper examines commercial gambling by Indigenous Australians in three regions of north Queensland. Semi-structured interviews conducted with 60 Indigenous Australians revealed numerous themes that influence Indigenous gambling activities. Themes were synthesised into a conceptual model for understanding Indigenous commercial gambling by developing several gambler profiles. These profiles were analysed as being positioned along a public health continuum model of gambling, from healthy to unhealthy commercial gambling. The four emerging profiles were labelled social, binge, exploited and committed gambler, respectively. The continuum model explains gambler profiles, including behaviours, motivations and outcomes as moving from healthy gambling in low risk situations to unhealthy gambling in high risk situations. The model contributes to a deeper understanding of influences involved in controlling or stimulating gambling by Indigenous gamblers in these regions

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