Education partnerships: professional development education for tourism and hospitality employees

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Breen, H 2010, Education partnerships: professional development education for tourism and hospitality employees, Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany. ISBN: 9783838366128.


Cooperative educational partnerships are innovative ventures where universities join with industry in a working relationship, sharing resources to develop and provide professional development education for staff. The distinguishing feature of these partnerships is that all partners contribute to the development, design and delivery of academic courses in the workplace. Yet very little research has been conducted into the role of professionalism developed by professional development education for industry employees. This book examines the conditions that contribute to building professionalism in staff through cooperative education partnerships between a university and its tourism and hospitality partners. The analysis reveals that providing this university-level education contributes to the development and enhancement of staff professionalism. Two aspects, a renewal of learning, and establishing a positive reputation, were found to be vitally important for advancing professionalism. This book is especially useful to industry associations, particularly in hospitality and tourism, who seek heightened staff professionalism. It is also useful for universities seeking long-term partnerships. Adjustment, adaptation, responsiveness and synergy were found to be important reciprocal concepts that underpin cooperative dynamics in these partnerships.