Seeking help online: a new approach for youth-specific gambling interventions

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Book chapter

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Gainsbury, S 2011, 'Seeking help online: a new approach for youth-specific gambling interventions', in J Derevensky, D Shek & J Merrick (eds), Youth gambling: the hidden addiction, De Gruyter, Berlin, Germany. ISBN: 9783110255201

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Youth gambling represents a potentially serious public policy and health issue. Nevertheless, the rise in youth gambling issues and problems in the global context is not matched with a parallel increase in research on adolescent gambling. As such, there is an urgent need to conduct more studies on adolescent gambling behaviour. Recently significant advances in the knowledge of the risk factors associated with adolescent problems has emerged. This book addresses issues related to prevalence, assessment, prevention and treatment of youth gambling problems as well as concerns related to technological changes associated with youth problem gambling.