Club management in Australia: administration, operations and gaming, 2nd edn

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Hing, N, Breen, H, & Weeks, P 2002, Club management in Australia: administration, operations and gaming, 2nd edn, Hospitality Press, Frenchs Forest, NSW. ISBN: 9781862505032

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Although Australia has more than 5500 registered and licensed clubs, many of them major business operations, Club Management in Australia: Administration, Operations, and Gaming (originally published in 1998) was the first book of its kind on this important subject. The book is a unique educational text and reference work for club managers, directors, and employees, as well as students and educators. It integrates theory and practice by providing a comprehensive coverage of operational and management issues in all departments, including human resources, marketing, finance, food, beverage, gaming, and entertainment. The book examines the roles of directors, managers, employees, and club members, and provides a current overview of the legal obligations of club management in all Australian states and territories.

Gaming is given particular attention. Gaming machine operations and management and other types of gaming are covered in detail in the context of the competitive environment faced by licensed clubs, and the social and economic effects of gambling. (This section covers the new or revised Gaming Management Competency Units in the (2002) Hospitality Training Package THHADG02A (Develop and Manage Gaming Activities) and THHADG03B (Provide Responsible Gambling Services).

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Revised, rewritten, and updated from first edition with a view to incorporating contemporary material with special reference to (a) responsible serving of alcohol; (b) social and economic effects of excessive gambling; (c) marketing in the e-commerce age; (d) legislative changes affecting the myriad responsibilities of club management.