Forum: gambling technology and regulatory challenges

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Toneguzzo, S 2007, 'Forum: Gambling technology and regulatory challenges', International Gambling Studies, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 247-251.

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Most forms of gambling at the dawn of the 21st century are either technology based or technology assisted. Indeed, technology is the enabler of modern business. In many cases all financial reports are derived from systems technology; therefore, so is gambling taxation. Herein lays significant risk that is perhaps not well comprehended by gaming regulatory agencies, which are predominantly staffed and governed by legal, law enforcement and financial experts. This paper discusses regulatory challenges pertaining to gambling technology. From my review of McMullan and Perrier’s (2007) recent article, it is evident that there are several factors influencing regulatory challenges in Canada. Most of the cheating methods raised in the paper can be avoided and in many jurisdictions they have been. However, other countries are exposed to the risks McMullan and Perrier have identified in Canada; the problems raised are endemic and symptomatic of a global concern regarding regulatory challenges.

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This Forum presents commentaries on an article by John McMullan and David Perrier: ‘The security of gambling and gambling with security: Hacking, law enforcement and public policy’, International Gambling Studies Vol.7(1), pp. 43–58. McMullan and Perrier examined a scheme that hacked into electronic gambling machines in Canada, probing the ability of the state and the gaming industry to control such computer crimes. This Forum presents national perspectives on that article by experts from Western Cape (South Africa), New Zealand, Victoria and Queensland (Australia), the United Kingdom and north America.

Stephen Toneguzzo's contribution starts on page 247 of the article.

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