Northern Territory 2005 gambling prevalence survey: an extended analysis

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Community Benefit Committee, Department of Justice, Northern Territory Government 2008, Northern Territory 2005 gambling prevalence survey: an extended analysis, report prepared by M Young, M Stevens & W Tyler, School for Social and Policy Research, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NT. ISBN: 9780980457865

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This report presents an extended analysis of the gambling prevalence dataset collected as part of the NT Gambling Prevalence Survey 2005. Each Chapter builds upon the initial analyses conducted as part of the original prevalence report that was presented to the CBF in 2006. As agreed in the terms of funding, the Charles Darwin University (CDU) research team has been publishing its research findings as the research has progressed during 2007 and 2008. As of September 2008, the team has published, or submitted for review, a total of five manuscripts that were funded in total, or in part, by the CBF. Abstracts of each paper are provided as a series of appendices (see Appendix B to F). The current report combines the key findings from the CDU team’s further analysis of the 2005 prevalence dataset in a single document. Its purpose is to present a plain-language description of each project along with key implications for research and harm minimisation.