Responsible gambling features of card based technologies

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Nisbet, S 2004, 'Responsible gambling features of card-based technologies', paper presented to International Gambling and Problem Gambling in New Zealand: Taking stock and moving forward on policy, practice and research, Auckland, NZ, 13-14 May.

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There is broad support from many sectors of the gambling industry in NSW Australia for account or card-based gambling systems. Some proponents are cautiously optimistic: they suggest that, given the technology has the potential to assist players manage their spending, promoting use of the technology is justified. Others suggest that players are generally reti-cent to use the system, and advocate incentives and rewards to overcome this. This paper presents a selection of the findings of a wider study into the factors affecting the provision and acceptance of cashless technologies in NSW. A questionnaire was administered to 134 patrons of two large NSW clubs that have implemented card-based technologies. Those items that measured features of the technology that have been suggested by key industry stakeholders as potential responsible gambling tools are identified, and the consumer re-sponse to those items is discussed.