Online clinical support for people with gambling problems

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Book chapter

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Gainsbury, S & Wood, R 2013, Online clinical support for people with gambling problems', in R Williams, R Wood & J Parke (eds), Routledge international handbook on internet gambling, Routledge, Oxford, UK, pp. 250-268. ISBN: 9780203814574


Gambling problems result in economic burden, health costs, and social strain for communities in addition to the personal and emotional distress caused to both individuals and families. The incidence and impact of gambling-related problems is increasingly recognized internationally as an important public health concern by policy makers, industry operators, treatment providers, and the community. Despite eff orts taken to implement responsible gambling strategies and consumer protection policies, problem gambling still has a signifi cant impact. For example, the Australian Productivity Commission (2010) estimated that problem gambling costs society at least A$4.7 billion annually. Eff ective treatment interventions are often necessary to assist individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to control their gambling behaviour.