Internet gambling: current research findings and implications

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Gainsbury, S 2012, Internet gambling: current research findings and implications, Springer, New York. ISBN: 9781461433897


Internet gambling is one of the fastest growing forms of gambling. Global Internet gambling expenditure is predicted to reach US$33.6 billion in 2011. The rapid increase in expenditure of 354% since 2003 has occurred despite Internet gambling being prohibited in several key markets, including the US and China. It also suggests that current regulation may be somewhat outdated and ineffective as more and more people turn to this mode of gambling. Increasing international jurisdictions are legalizing Internet gambling and the constant accessibility of online gambling has critical social implications. Gambling operators are using aggressive advertising campaigns to move into new markets. Internet gambling appears to be particularly appealing to youth, who are gambling online at substantially higher rates than adults. Furthermore, Internet gambling appears to be related to problem gambling, with rates of problem gambling three to four times higher among Internet than non-Internet gamblers, indicating that it may have a substantial social cost. It is essential that appropriate responses are made by governments, industry professionals and the public in response to Internet gambling. This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of Internet gambling, including the social impact and regulatory options. A global outline includes the characteristics and features of the many forms of Internet gambling, including the current market, and participation, and differences between Internet and non-Internet gambling. Specific regional considerations are explored, including regulatory responses and options. Importantly the social consequences and costs of Internet gambling are examined, including the impact of online gambling on sports, youth and problem gambling. Strategies for prevention and responsible gambling are considered as well as expected trends.