Assessing the information needs of Australian gaming managers

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Breen, H 2003, 'Assessing the information needs of Australian gaming managers', UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 29-43.

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There has been an increased need for gaming managers to source and use relevant information to assist them in managing their venues. Gaming managers have been under pressure from governments, the welfare sector, local communities and the media to manage gaming activities in a socially responsible manner. Research into the management of gaming is still in its infancy. This paper reports on a study into the information needs of a selection of gaming managers of clubs, hotels and casinos in two Australian states. This exploratory qualitative research provides in-depth responses from twenty-six gaming managers. These managers report that they want reliable, consistent information on government policies and processes; deeper information about their communities and their values; and relevant information enabling them to identify problem gamblers and assess the efficacy of responsible gambling practices.

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