Industrial disputation and trade unions in registered clubs of Queensland

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Buultjens, J & Cairncross, G 2004,'Industrial disputation and trade unions in registered clubs in Queensland', in Proceedings: 18th Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ) Conference, Noosa, Qld, 3-6 Feburary.

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In Australia there have been few empirical studies into the level of industrial disputation and the role of trade unions in the clubs and gambling sector of the tourism and hospitality industry. However, there is a belief that there are low levels of direct conflict, low levels of union membership and low levels of trade union involvement in the sector just as there is in the broader hospitality industry. This paper examines various aspects of conflict and trade union involvement in registered clubs of Queensland to determine the nature of conflict and union involvement and to see if they replicate the factors found in the hospitality industry. The findings indicate relatively low levels of industrial conflict, unionisation and trade union involvement. In addition, business size and the level of unionisation have significant relationships with some aspects of trade union membership and conflict.